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Wealth Management Services

Are you unsure about whether you’re on the right track with your savings and/or investments? Have you considered life events that often occur such as marriage, career change, college, or maybe divorce? Or are you finding yourself with new or unexpected responsibilities, such as taking care of a child or an aging parent?

These are only a few of the many circumstances that prompt people to contact someone who can help address their financial questions and issues. This has been particularly true for women, who statistically live longer than men and are faced with the challenge of making their assets last for a longer life span.

All of these circumstances and considerations eventually lead towards retirement, which is something everyone should begin preparing for. The sooner, the better! As people near retirement, they may find that their attitude about risk begins to change. Protecting and preserving your wealth against market downturns should be an important part of your comprehensive retirement plan as a significant reduction to your portfolio could potentially derail your retirement plans. Our advisors in wealth management in Lubbock, TX are ready to assist you with this preparation.


Through LoneStar Wealth Management & LoneStar Registered Investment Advisors, PLLC, we’ll examine issues such as:

  • How tolerant are you of market volatility and losses in retirement?
  • What current risks are you taking with your financial assets?
  • Are your current holdings and strategies for wealth consistent with your risk tolerance?
  • Are your assets well positioned to survive significant market corrections?
  • How effective are your current retirement savings strategies?
  • How much of your wealth should be protected from market corrections?


Why work with a financial advisor

  • Financial professionals can apply his or her skills to your specific needs. Just as important, you have someone who can answer your questions. When the financial markets go through one of their periodic downturns, having someone you can turn to may help you make sense of it all.
  • If you don’t feel confident about your knowledge of investing or specific financial products and services, having someone who monitors the financial markets every day can be helpful. After all, if you hire people to do things like cut your hair, work on your car, and tend to medical issues, it might just make sense to get some help when dealing with important financial issues.
  • Even if you have the knowledge and ability to manage your own finances, the financial world grows more intricate every day as new products and services are introduced. Also, legislative changes can have a substantial impact on your investment and tax planning strategy. A professional can monitor such developments on an ongoing basis and assess how they might affect your portfolio.

During our discussions, we encourage clients to carefully evaluate their risk tolerance and to develop an overall financial strategy that balances potential safety and growth. From our discussions and examinations, we’ll work with you to utilize retirement products and strategies designed to help protect, preserve and enhance your wealth.