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Federal Employee Benefits Advisor

Are you a federal employee who is seeking a better understanding of your benefits? Are you beginning to think about retirement planning? Or are both questions on your mind? LoneStar Wealth Management is available to assist you through any phase of retirement. As Federal Benefit specialists and advisors, both Michael Byers and Mark Groom continuously help federal employees navigate their retirement planning while finding ways to maximize their benefits in the process. The most common concerns for individuals include:

  • CSRS/FERS retirement eligibility & annuity calculations
  • Survivor Annuity options & alternatives
  • Prior Military Service Buy-Back
  • TSP: Pre-Retirement & post retirement
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
  • Federal Employee Health Benefits & Medicare

If you would like to learn about pre-retirement services for federal employees during each stage of your career, click on the button below. We have an excellent resource regarding questions to ask yourself when planning for retirement at any year of employment.

Retirement Planning Throughout Your Career


Every year, and with some factors, every day, there are constantly changing rules and laws surrounding health and retirement benefits for federal employees. So much so, that often not even the HR department has the time to monitor these changes. This is where an employee benefits advisor at LoneStar Wealth Management can help. We make it our mission to help educate federal employees of the health and retirement benefits you are entitled to. Each year, we travel around the country holding workshops, in-person and online, providing the latest and greatest information and tools used to help prepare for the needs of those who attend. We want to help you, however we can. Click below to learn more about workshops we offer and when we may be near you.

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