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Our Wealth Management Firm

Since 1997, Michael and Mark have gained the respect and trust of over 2,000 clients while serving in the insurance or financial planning fields. They started their careers with a Fortune 500 company where they both worked their way up different levels of management as successful top producers. Then in 2001, Mike decided to leave the company when he noticed the company’s priorities shift from the needs of the people to money making. That was when Michael first established what would later become known as LoneStar Wealth Management in Lubbock, Texas! Mark quickly followed and teamed up with Michael as they built the full-service financial planning company known as Texas Alliance Financial.

Their adventure continued to flourish in 2006 when they started LoneStar Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), and again in 2019 with the umbrella name of LoneStar Wealth Management! Over the past 19 years, LoneStar Wealth Management has accumulated offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, as well as Albuquerque, NM. To date, our wealth management firm assists clients all around the world and are not hindered by state borders!

The goal of Lonestar Wealth Management and its affiliates has always been a client centered, client first approach. We strive to help and educate clients on how to plan and execute their best financial decisions in life. LoneStar Wealth Management and Lonestar RIA are focused on protecting our client’s personal financial life from the volatility of the greater financial markets. Mike and Mark have had a focus on the federal employee market dating back to 2001, educating federal employees on their benefits so they can make informed and intelligent decisions on maximizing their federal benefits leading into retirement life.